I Hate Blonde

Interview with NYC based artist and fashion blogger Rachel Lynch of I Hate Blonde. 

How has your style evolved in the years since you started fashion 
Rachel Lynch: I used to have this alien looking style - big platforms, big sunglasses, big furs. I would say I'm a little bit more bohemian now - shawls, kimonos, vintage tees, boots and overalls. I'm like painter/ indie girl. 

What do you think the next phase will be in your style evolution?
RL: I'm really, really excited to shoot more fashion this year. I want to do a full revolution. It's going to be exciting. I am going to focus my energy back into fashion.

How does living in NYC inspire your look?
RL: I think living in Soho, you can't walk outside and not look good. Even going to pilates every morning - I wear a matching workout set, an Acne fur jacket, and boots with a YSL bags. I know that's not for everyone, but I like always having to put myself together when I leave the house. 

Living in New York - I always feel like I'm part of something.  I always feel like I'm an artist - evolving alongside my city. It's life-giving. Without it I would cease to be. 
How does NYC inspire your art: 
RL: New York inspires every facet of my being. I think it's like what I said above - it's about being part of something greater than yourself, something that isn't stagnant.New York is moving and evolving and changing and so are you as a living, breathing being.  
Who/what are some new designers or brands that excite you right now?
I love online brands like Dolls Kill, Lovers + Drifters Club, Realisation Par, Gooseberry Intimates. 

What's on your wish list right now?  
RL: A vintage mustard yellow Chanel bag. 

If you could travel into any era in the past which era would you? 
RL: Probably the 60's and 70's because rock n roll. 

What would be your favorite thing to wear from that era?
Bellbottoms and huge earrings and a fur coat and platforms, but I do that anyway