Interview: Interior Designer & Model Maryam Dabboussi

Check out our interview with super stylish Los Angeles based model and interior designer Maryam Dabboussi:

Q: What's your occupation and the city you live in:
A: I’m an interior designer living in LA.


Q: How do you like to dress when you're working?
A: I’m pretty young for my field so I go for classic things with a twist, silk tops and different tweed skirts and finish it with some unique shoes; as a designer, it’s great to have that freedom to dress like yourself.


Q: What do you like to wear on a casual day out in LA?
A: If I’m not meeting clients I love just throwing on something easy, like a wrap dress with some platforms, and taking my chihuahua, Papi, around town. I’m more of a night owl though, which is when the vintage leather minis and sequins come out too.


Q: How does LA inspire how you dress?
A: I definitely feel like I can be more myself here, which I love. Growing up in Dubai there’s almost too much emphasis on glamour and it’s very heavy, whereas LA is much more relaxed.


Q: Name one of your favorite cities in the world to travel to and your favorite clothing shop there:
A: Le Bon Marche in Paris is so well curated and so relaxing.


Q: What are some of your favorite shops in Los Angeles?
A: Barneys, The Way We Wore, Reformation (and their vintage store), Alice + Olivia and What Goes Around. I’m definitely trying to be conscious in what I shop for and the repercussions on our environment so lately I’m gravitating towards vintage pieces.


Q: Who is your favorite style icon and why?
A: Jayne Mansfield was fearless, Jackie O was iconic in tweed and huge sunglasses and Barbara from Down With Love had the cutest 60's style.