Andaz Scottsdale Resort & Bungalows

The Andaz Scottsdale Resort and BungalowsI recently had the great pleasure of staying at the Andaz in Scottsdale, Arizona for a night.  I have been working on the launch of this shop for over 5 months now and the respite at this minimalist oasis in the desert was much needed.  I have a feeling that Frank Lloyd Wright would admire the layout and design of this gorgeous resort.  I've stayed at several other Andaz Hotels around the world including London and Los Angeles and I must declare that this was my favorite, and actually I would put this hotel in my top five list of best hotels.  There is such an air of calm and peace when you arrive here. The staff are not only helpful, but also kind.  

The moment I walked in I was greeted by the lobby staff who checked me in and offered me a drink of my choice. I opted for a glass of white wine while the check in process took place.  

After I was given my key, I headed to my room, past the paradise like setting of the swimming pool.  My room (like all the rooms at this hotel) was a bungalow with an extra large, luxurious bathroom.  My bungalow had an open front patio to hang out on as well as a back patio with high walls for privacy.  I sat on the back patio and meditated for a short while, before I got dressed and went for a swim.  The swimming pool was surrounded by truly blissed out looking guests.  Super good vibes all around.  

Later on in the evening I had dinner at Weft & Warp the Art Bar Kitchen.  Everything on the menu is locally sourced and inspired by its desert surroundings.  I savored the insanely delicious burrata sugar snap pea salad to start followed by some seared scallops.  A few glasses of wine later and I was ready to retire to my room where I slept in absolute peace with not the sound of a cricket or any noise near or far to disturb me.  

The next morning I took a walk across the peaceful grounds to the spa where I opted for the deep tissue massage. 

I don't normally rave like this about any hotel that I stay at and I've stayed at many nice ones in my time -but I must say that this hotel is one of the best ever.  If you're visiting Arizona, and you want an experience like living in paradise, then you must stay here.